Saranoni Timberwolf Grand Faux Fur Queen Size Blanket

Saranoni Timberwolf Grand Faux Fur Queen Size Blanket

$ 295.00

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Queen – 92” x 96”

Luxury You Can See

Knit from the finest materials, the Timberwolf is an elegant multi-color faux fur design that  gives  you the luxurious look of real fur and is sure to be an amazing accent to any bed or living space. 

Unmatched Softness

Prepare to melt away into the softest blanket you’ve ever felt. Our hand-picked, custom knit,  the proprietary  fabric is silkier than ever. The  Saranoni  Grand delivers double-sided comfort and luxury like you’ve never felt before.

Plenty To Share

We’ve heard you and designed an amazing, oversized blanket perfect for any bedding needs. Both King and Queen sizes provide total coverage with a 16-inch drop to cover the sides of even the largest mattresses. Not even he could hog this blanket!

Knit For Comfort

Our  custom-knit  fabric is both dense and breathable to give you maximum comfort. The king weighs a whopping 15 pounds for that extra feeling of coziness and security. This unique, faux fur fiber is durable and will be your favorite piece of bedding for years to come.